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News from the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show. DVD Burning Technology at CES 2004Pioneer Demonstrates Dual-Layer DVD Recording at CES


High Density DVD disc recording was a hot topic at the 2004 CES.  Pioneer demonstrated their dual-layer DVD technology, using special DVD-R-9 media, and a modified DVR-A06 drive.  Philips showed dual-layer DVD+R-9 recording.  Microsoft demonstrated Windows Media 9 Video encoding technology, which can store a full movie in HDTV (720p or 1080i) on a standard DVD-9.

See our News section for more information on these hot topics from the 2004 CES show...

bullet Dual-layer DVD-R and DVD+R
bullet HD-DVD
bullet Blu-Ray Disc
bullet WMV-HD

321 Studios loses DVDxCopy lawsuit against Movie Studios

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