Pioneer Dual-Layer DVD-R

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Pioneer Develops DVD-R Dual-layer Recording Technology

Realizing a recording capacity of up to 8.5 GBytes on one side

October 3, 2003, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation has announced today that the company developed the DVD-R dual-layer recording technology. It means that the technological foundation has almost been established to commercialize DVD-R discs, where data up to 8.5GBytes can be recorded on one side.

The new dual-layer recording technology, adopting the dye-recording-film layer method, has realized a 9.34% jitter with a 17.3% reflection rate on the first layer (L0) of a disc, and an 8.08% jitter with a 19.5% reflection rate for the second layer (L1). This shows almost the same performance as that for dual-layer DVD-ROM discs. It means that DVD-R discs supporting this technology can be played back on most existing DVD players, and DVD recorders supporting this technology will be developed easily.

In the rapidly growing DVD recorder market, there has been a strong need from users for longer hours, yet high picture quality DVD disc recording. Pioneer's new technology will allow the users to record programs of up to about 4 hours in the SP mode, or programs of up to about 12 hours in the EP mode with DVD recorders.

The company intends to make a proposal of this technology as a new disc format to the DVD Forum after further improvement in performance.

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Last modified: June 01, 2004