DVD Burning Software

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These DVD Burning software programs allow you to backup software and data files to DVD recordable discs.  They also allow you to copy CDs or DVDs.  You can even copy DVD Video discs, or DVD Audio discs (unless they are copy protected).

GEAR is one of the first companies to create CD Recording Software.  Their software is chosen by many industry professionals because it gives you total control over the file structure and recording operations.  GEAR is known for high quality and reliability.  GEAR's Professional versions can be driven from a command line interface, or from batch files containing GEAR commands.  Because of this, GEAR can be used to automate burning operations.  GEAR can be called by another program in order to perform a CD or DVD Recording operation.

GEAR has recently added a number of powerful features to its DVD Burning software, including the ability to detect uncorrectable errors when copying CD audio tracks.  GEAR can import VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder structures from a DVD Authoring program.  After you import a DVD Video or DVD Audio disc image, you could add ROM data files in any remaining space.  GEAR works with every DVD burner.  I have also found their technical support to be responsive and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend GEAR.

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