DVD Specifications

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The DVD Specifications are organized and published by the DVD Forum as "Books".

Book A: DVD Read Only Specifications - The basic DVD-ROM specification.  DVD-Video and DVD-Audio are file system and player specifications that are built on top of this specification.

Book B: DVD Video Specifications - Currently, the most popular form of DVD, which is used to present movies, video, or still pictures.  It can also present audio programs, but with less capability than the DVD-Audio specification.

Book C: DVD Audio Specifications - The format designed to enable very high quality multi-channel audio.  Discs designed for this specification can also present video or still pictures.

Book D: DVD Write-Once (DVD-R) Specifications

Book E: DVD Rewritable (DVD-RW) Specifications

These specifications are available from the DVD Forum, but they are expensive.  The contents of the books is considered confidential information, and is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the licensee.  The books may not be copied, or shown to anyone outside of your organization.

Excerpts from the publicly available specifications are shown on the following pages.

DVD Physical Specifications ] DVD File System Specifications ]

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